5 Reasons Youre Stuck In Your Fitness Revision

5 Reasons why you’re stuck in your fitness revision

There are tons more reasons, but here are our top 5 reasons why you’re stuck in your fitness revision.

If you are feeling stuck, then the chances are it is a result of at least one of these 5 reasons; read the blog and watch the video, pick at least one strategy to transform your current revision and get unstuck.

Feeling stuck in your revision is much the same as being literally stuck in mud. 

Last time this happened to me I was running a race called The Volcano, 

and yes, it was as hellish and steep as it sounds. 

There was one section that was 200m of absolute deep muddy bog, and tufty moorland grass. 

The mud got thicker and stickier the closer I got to the middle stretch. I made a few steps where my trainers loosened, my socks slipping on the inside of the shoe.

Then it happened

My foot, ankle and half my shin were submerged

I wriggled a bit


I tried to pull straight up


I sat on the ground and tried to angle my foot out


All the time other runners were gathering pace as they overtake me. 

With every second that I was stuck, I felt more frustrated. 

I felt like I was wasting time

Maybe this is like you in your revision?

But instead of staring at your foot submerged in mud, you’re staring at a blank notepad, 

Instead of watching runners overtake, you’re watching the second-hand tick past, 

Or instead of trying to wriggle and wrench out of the hole, you’re rereading the same paragraph of your manual… over and over again. 

So if this is you, if you are stuck in your fitness revision, watch this 13-minute video to find out our top 5 reasons you are stuck in your fitness revision  and get a strategy that will get you UNSTUCK quickly 

Watch: 5 Reasons why you’re stuck in your fitness revision

Heres a quick summary of the 5 Reasons why you’re stuck in your revision


Many peeps delay or don’t book their fitness exams… meaning they don’t have a specific date or time to work towards.

This really means there is no real point to ever start learning or revising with any real intent.

Put your back against the wall, create some exam urgency and get a goal by booking your exam 4 to 6-weeks from now.



Ultimately you don’t know where to start, and that is overwhelming. 

You are clutching at straws and trying every tactic you can find, trying mock questions, videos, reading… 

Having no real structure or strategy.

Not having an ACTION PLAN to tackle the 6 to 8 modules that make up your exam.

Thats why our revision mastery Bootcamp now includes a 4 and 8 week revision schedule so you can copy our strategy and follow something that is proven to work… with zero guessing. 


When I say wrong stuff I mean…


I often talk about this as it’s one of the main culprits that keep peeps stuck in the revision.

They get consumed by all the little bits of information and want to know the ins and outs of EVERYTHING at a doctorate level. 

Suddenly revision that should take 20 minutes, ends up taking 2hours+ as you scour google and youtube looking for the answers. You end up down a deep rabbit hole and come out feeling more confused than when you started.  


Once we start hitting the books, realize quite how much there is to learn you focus your attention to failing

rather than passing with top marks.

You fear failure and so look for all the negative aspects of your course and revision to provide evidence of why or how you might fail.

and so remain stuck in your revision, paralyzed by the fear of failing.

Yet consider all the evidence you find is

F alse
E vidence
A ppearing
R eal


Just like training – your body and brain need time to adapt.

schedule time out of your revision and allow your brain to absorb all the new info… 

DON’T WORRY, you won’t forget anything in the short time you’re gone.

In fact, you’ll be surprised how much you remember and take on board… just make sure your rest isn’t too long.

Which one of these 5 reasons are you stuck in? Comment Below

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Hayley ‘stuck in fitness revision’ Bergman

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