5 Free Apps For Personal Trainers Starting A Career In Fitness

5 Free Apps For Personal Trainers Starting A Career In Fitness

It can be daunting starting a career in fitness, especially if you don’t know where to start. To cut through the overwhelm, check out our list of 5 Free Apps for Personal Trainers:

The chances are you put so much into passing your exams and your practical assessment, you haven’t thought much about your average day as a personal trainer, least of all the tools that can help you dominate each day.

As an outstanding Personal Trainer, your phone is your swiss army knife. It is always in your pocket, and has the perfect selection of Apps to help you run your fitness business, manage clients, do your marketing, and take the obligatory selfie.

There are many Apps that are essential, and to be honest we have assumed you are already set up on your normal Facebook, Instagram, Camera and Calendar Apps already set up. These 5 Free Apps for Personal Trainers will help you set yourself apart from other trainers, make your day-to-day easier and help you fit in all of your fitness business admin in-between clients whilst …

5 Free Apps for Personal Trainers Starting a Career in Fitness:

1. An Interval Timer:

Whether you are teaching circuit classes or one-to-one sessions, a programmable Interval timer is essential. There are tons of interval timer apps available, some with word-cueing, some that beep, some that use a boxing-ring bell and others that play music. Personally, I find the simpler the app, the better.

For Android try “Interval Timer” by dreamspark. You can change the ratio of rest and work, and the number of intervals. It changes colors and beeps without being overly irritating with repetitive words or having overbearing music. The simplicity means you can concentrate on instructing and coaching your clients, rather than worrying about how long your client has left on their interval.

2. My Fitness Pal

This is a very popular App, and with good reason. It is a fantastic (and Free) App for programming daily food intake and observing/analyzing calorie intake. You may have even used it yourself, however, one of the best parts of this App is that you can link up with your clients as “Friends” on the App and check up on their progress. This may not be as detailed as some paid-for client tracking systems, however, it is a great way to keep an eye on client nutrition in-between sessions.

As a truly outstanding Personal Trainer, it is important to offer advice regarding daily food and drink, using the graphs and stats on this App can help simplify the process and save you time.

3. Inshot

This is probably my most used of all of these free apps for Personal Trainers.  You could be the most fantastic Personal Trainer in your local area, and get incredible results… but you could also be the best-kept secret of your local area.

A regular Social Media presence alongside paid-for advertising is key for drumming up business and there is no cheaper (or more effective way) then creating your own media. Filming clips of your client workouts, taking transformation photos, recording testimonials and educating prospective clients is easy to do via the camera on your phone, however, they often look a little lackluster on their own.

Inshot allows you to edit videos, add text, emoji stickers and music to your videos and images. It is quick and easy to use, so you will be able to get a video edited in-between clients and start sharing the great work you are doing. Your posts will be much more eye-catching on a news-feed, especially using text that encourages people to react with your post, hit like and comment.

4. Stripe PayNow

Let’s talk about money. As a freelance Personal Trainer, your income is solely reliant on the sales you generate, therefore the more sales you create, the more money lands in your account every month. A lot of personal trainers rely on Cash and Bank Transfers to take payment from their clients, however, the biggest issue is timing. Imagine for a moment that you have been exchanging conversations with a prospective client for a few days, and then finally sat down for a chat to discuss how you can help them achieve their goals. The client says YES, the price is right, they are ready… but they aren’t carrying that kind of cash on them, and they can’t do a bank transfer until they get home.

Unfortunately, this is often more of an issue than just a time delay, as the client walks off, life “gets in the way” and before you know it you have been chasing that initial payment for weeks. Stripe is an online payment portal, and you can install their Stripe PayNow App that will allow you to take card payments at any time. This is perfect for sealing the deal with a new client at the end of your sales chat, or for pinning-down returning customers, you can even take payments over the phone.

5. MailChimp Subscribe

As a Freelance Personal Trainer, sales are hugely important, but not something we often give much time and attention to. MailChimp is a software that allows you to send out emails to multiple lists of contacts. This means you can have a prospect list and a Customer list and send them different content. You might send your existing customers a weekly email with recipe cards or workout information, and then send your prospective clients workout tips and invitations to work with you.

To make this even more exciting Mailchimp have an App called MailChimp Subscribe, which allows you to collect emails. Instead of handing a prospect a business card on the gym floor, take their email address and promise to send them competitions, tips, workouts and provide value up-front to prospects, when that prospect is ready to buy, you can guarantee they’ll come to you rather than the other trainers that have only ever been asking for a sale. 

Key Message

Being an Outstanding Personal Trainer is not just about the time you spend with your clients face-to-face, but also how you utilize the time in-between clients.
Use these 5 free apps for personal trainers to save time, make more money and serve your clients at a whole new level.

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Comment below, which of these 5 free Apps for Personal Trainers will you install?

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