4 Tips to pass Your Anatomy and Physiology Exam First Time

4 Tips to PASS your anatomy and physiology exam first time

These 4 tips are the foundation of good revision, learning and passing exams. If you are working towards you anatomy and physiology exam and want to pass first time, then use this 5 minute video to set the foundations and get the result you really want:

1. LINK: You need to really learn the content, which means you need to link what you dont know, to something you do know. This is great via metaphors, analogies and images … anything that will help the info find its own file in your brain.

2. MOVE: Research shows that you learn better if you learn on the move, so put your revision mastery series on in your ears and go for a walk, go to the gym.

3. MOCK: Do mock questions to check your progress. You can download free mock papers here to help you pass your anatomy and physiology exam:
Level 2: https://parallelcoaching.co.uk/l2-ap-88-mock-questions-optin
Level 3 : https://parallelcoaching.co.uk/l3-ap-101-mock-questions-optin

4. DUMP: When you first get into your exam, dump all of your key facts and images down on scrap paper. This way your mind is clear, ready to dominate your exam.

Do these 4 and you will literally be unstoppable in your upcoming anatomy and physiology exam

If you are looking for a way to link, learn on the move and answer mock questions, then check out our Revision Mastery Series, where we hep you with all of this:

Drop a comment below – where is your favorite place to revise?

Happy Revising





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