4 Golden Nuggets to Pass Your Level 3 Anatomy Exam

4 Golden Nuggets to Pass Your Level 3 Anatomy Exam

If you’re banging your head against your manual, wondering why your Level 3 Anatomy Exam Revision, just isn’t sticking in your head, you’re not alone. You just need to find a better way.

Here Hayley lays out 4 Revision golden nuggets that come up in the exam time and time again; and are the biggest questions asked by learners.

[Note: this is a recording from a LIVE webinar taken 02/05/2016… 76 mins to help you pass your Level 3 Anatomy Exam First Time!]

Timestamps from the Webinar: 4 Golden Nuggets to Pass Your Level 3 Anatomy Exam

0:00 Intro to the webinar
6:13 What to Expect from Your Level 3 Anatomy Exam
8:36 4 Golden Nuggets to Pass First Time
10:30 Nugget 1: Atherosclerosis and Blood Pressure Classifications 
28:59 Nugget 2: Planes and Axis of Movement  
42:40 Nugget 3: Joint and Muscle Actions – Concentric and Eccentric
52:50 Nugget 4: What is ATP – Adenosine Tri-Phosphate 
1:04:41 Introduction to the Revision Mastery Series and Special Offer
1:11:24 Start of Q and A

Links from the Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology Exam Webinar:

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