3 Ways To Revise During Lockdown

This blog will show you 3 ways you can Revise During Lockdown, so you can revise for your L2 or L3 Fitness Exam and make the most of your “different daily routine” .

You’ll discover:

  • 5 Minute video tutorial explaining 3 ways to revise during the lockdown
  • How to make time to revise during the lockdown, and shake up your revision to suit the new daily routine.
  • Three Example Mock Questions to test your knowledge

3 Ways To Revise During Lockdown

Watch the 5-minute video here and read the notes below to make the most of how you revise during lockdown…

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1. Get A Schedule For Your Revision

Whether you have more time on your hands during lockdown, or you are busier than normal with homeschooling and working from home… it is really important to keep the revision going.

Use a schedule to help you with this.

Block out the specific times that you will revise in your week. It is a great way to ensure that the revision becomes a priority.

You can chose how long you spend on your revision each week, and how long each block is.

You might have 30 mins on a Tuesday lunch time, an hour on Saturday or even 10 mins every morning before work.

The key is to schedule it

2. How You Revise

Lockdown is a totally different situation than our “normal daily routine”, and that calls for a different method of revision than we normally would.

If you usually listen to Audio MP3 on your drive to work, you could change this to listen on a walk instead.

Maybe you would normally read the manual on your lunch break, but now you don’t get a lunch break. However, you might be able to find time to watch short YouTube clips in between virtual meetings, or setting the kids up with homeschooling tasks.

The key is to be openminded, rather than trying to revise in the same way you always have, look for the opportunity to revise in a different way, to suit the “different daily routine”

3. Get Others Involved

Other people are a great resource when revising, and they dont even need to know anything about the subject you are studying.

As you are at home in lockdown the chances are you have more people around you each day, so involve them in your revision.

This could be as simple as getting them to quiz you using mock questions

Or you can get creative and involve them in the revision and learning process. One lady drew around her daughter, and then together they labeled the image with all the muscles for her L3 Anatomy exam.

Test your exam readiness with today’s mock questions:

[NOTE: The answers are below the 3rd questions]

1. Which joint action occurs at the hip during the downward phase of a squat?
A. Extension
B. Flexion
C. Adduction
D. Lateral Flexion

2.Which type of bone are the ribs classified as?
A. Long
B. Flat
C. Short
D. Thin

3. Which part of the nervous system interprets sensory information from Afferent neurons?
A. Efferent Neurones
B. Motor Unit
C. Central Nervous System
D. Receptors

What’s the CORRECT answer?

Answers to the mock questions are :

Question 1= B, Question 2 = B, Question 3 = C

If you want more mock questions like this, then you can download more Free Mock Questions: DOWNLOAD NOW

In summary

  • Schedule your revision to maintain consistency during lockdown
  • Change how you revise to match the “different daily routine”
  • Involve other people in your revision
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