3 ways to get more personal trainer clients in january

3 Ways to Get More Personal Trainer Clients in January

3 ways to get more personal trainer clients in january Reality is very rarely like your dreams.

I started personal training with optimism and hope and rented space at a gym. For the first four weeks, new personal trainers didn’t have to pay any rent.  From there, it was a one step tiered system paying 50% for the next four weeks and then 100% thereafter.

Alongside this, I worked hours on the gym floor, cleaning, making maintenance checks and running inductions.

A good year later I hadn’t made much progress and was still struggling to make ends meet.

If you’ve been following my story you’d know all I wanted to do was train all things muscle building and that I didn’t envisage working with overweight ladies.

My savings were dwindling and I started to second guess my career choice.

My frustration and boredom was back on the scene making it even harder… I was constantly in my OWN way!

The mistakes I made helped me to become a better trainer and business person. While I think it’s important for everybody to mess up on their road to success I want to help you avoid the mistakes I made and get more Personal Trainer Clients in January.  It all comes down to your personal trainer marketing and selling!

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There are 3 simple ways to get more Personal Trainer Clients in January…

Let’s draw a line in the sand and turn this game around, and get clients in January.

#1 Get More Personal Trainer Clients in January – Not following through with your ideas

Almost daily I speak with personal trainers, all with dozens of great ideas:

  • Start a lifting class and technique workshop
  • Develop a foam rolling workshop.
  • Offer weekly nutrition lectures.
  • Start a gym challenge.
  • Develop and implement A six week transformation challenge.

The list is pretty endless and I’m sure you have your own ideas.  I certainly did, tons of ideas, I was always trying to find new ways to reinvent myself and attract new clients.

Here’s the thing, I didn’t implement hardly one of my ideas. They only exist as an idea in a notepad at best.

I soon realised, it wasn’t all about me.

I couldn’t just go after guys that wanted muscle building. I had be smarter than that if I were to win at this PT game, attract clients and make [more] money!

So, I found something that was missing in my gym, and filled the gap… for me it was being a specialist in weight loss… bet you’re thinking that’s what everyone does, remember this was 10 years back now.  The market sophistication back then was very different too today.  But the principle is the same

Find what’s missing and fill the gap…  rather than just come up with tons of ideas that just help delay us from getting started at all.  Pick one thing and do it better than anybody else.

And Don’t Get In Your OWN WAY!

21 day challenge - how to get more cpersonal trainer clients in January

#2 Get More Personal Trainer Clients in January – Not focusing enough on people

Getting PT clients is a numbers game for new trainers.  If you want to sell 1-2-1 or semi-private group based training, that comes at a cost right… we’re talking upwards of at least £1000 per package!  Very rarely does a prospect buy straight in at this price.  We must have other products or services for the prospect to buy at a much lesser price band.

This maximises your ‘KNOW, LIKE, TRUST and DESIRE’ and converts the prospect to a client regardless of the entry price point.

Right down to giving some stuff away for FREE

Just like you clients go through a ‘CHANGE’ process in PT, for example, not exercising very much to then 12 weeks later complete 5 sessions a week or from bad food choices to clean.  Your prospects are going through a buying change behaviour, including yourself.

You probably wouldn’t join a luxury health club if you hadn’t of tried it out for a few days on a guest pass for FREE. The pass allows you to see and extract the value on offer.  Your 1-2-1 clients are the same as the luxury membership.

Focus on serving as many people as possible across the buying continuum and see your main PT client base rise over time.

So talk to everyone. And I mean, everyone – even the people who you could tell wouldn’t sign up for sessions if you paid them.

Make sure everybody at the gym, local network meetings, friends of friends etc knows your name and learn theirs. Look at them in the eyes and smile. When you’re finished talking write down their name on a piece of paper and one or two details about them that they mentioned to you.

This is great market research by the way… just by speaking to everyone.

Oh, make sure you try and grab their email address… Now you can continue to communicate your message and value to them, even if they are the other side of town!

The people you get to know well, will more than likely ask for advice on exercise technique, programming, nutrition, etc. Not all of them will convert to fully paid clients but your message is out there circulating.

By focusing on more people, by default you will become and expert in your niche, serving more people than anyone else.  You’ also become the popular trainer and soon more and more will refer to you, allowing new prospects to kick-start all over again by asking for your advice.

#3 Get More Personal Trainer Clients in January – Not selling Yourself

Sales always freaked me out and was one of the major reasons I couldn’t drum up enough business. The gym I worked at was competitive and if I didn’t sell a client right away there was another trainer more than willing to scoop them up.

I think most personal trainer and people for that matter find it hard when selling.

Any talk around asking or taking money becomes difficult… So we’d rather leave it as the last thing we talk about to the client during our consultation.

Ahhhhhh! I soon learnt that mentioning costs earlier in my convo’s and consultations, pre-framed my profducts and services to the prospect.  I took a more softer, softer approach which meant when we got the nitty gritty of the actual sale, the ground work had been done.

Now having been mentored by Tony Robbins and Andy Harrington on selling, pitching and buying behaviour I was on the right lines.

By leaving the [BIG] pitch and costings etc to the end, the client can’t attach or compare cost to value until that point and what’s more, you could by wasting your whole entire time.


If I slowly add details in about my products and service such as costs, time expectations, commitment etc, the client will naturally give me real objections to buying. You can now address these objections steadily as you continue your convo and consultation.

And steer the prospect towards the ideal product or service for them <<< this is KEY

This may be an entry product at £9.99 as a nutrition book or a fully fledged PT package at £2000.  Either way, they become a client. A client you can nurture, continue to build a relationship with and sell more to.

Whereas, pitching right at the end… the client objections are much harder to handle… and its easier for the client to say NO… It’s one big shock having all the nitty gritty at the end… plus the convo can turn a little sour and negative.  We want to keep the prospect super motivated and engaged to buy and change their life.  Not focus on how much it costs or the time frames involved.

Final tip on selling yourself:

When you’re discussing how training works with someone, don’t spend ages going on about what you’ll do in a warm-up, how many reps they’ll be performing, what methods of periodisation you’ll use, or how you’ll be implementing all the latest training tricks you picked up.

They have a problem and you must present the solution. The steps come later.

If you’re a PT, NEW to the industry as a fitpro and really wanting to get more personal trainer clients in January… Keep Reading.

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January is gonna be one KICK-ASS month to dominate the rest of 2016.

Bring it on… Looking forward to our ‪#‎dailyhustle‬ together…. oh, and the epic results we’re all gonna get.

Until next time

Neale ’21 day client getting’ Bergman

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