3 Revision Tips to Pass Your Exam With 100 Percent

Would you love to Pass Your Exam With 100 Percent?

This blog is for you if you really want to do the best you can on your fitness exam, and you would love to pass your exam with 100 percent.

If you have made it non-negotiable that you will pass your exam and are willing to put in the work, then these three revision tips, although simple, will transform your revision strategy and lead you to pass your exam with 100 percent.

Revision Tip 1: Mix Up Your Learning

If you want to get 100%, you need to really understand the content and that comes from using lots of different materials, and different ways of learning. This means mixing up your learning with reading, writing, Listening, watching videos, listening to audio and drawing.

You may be used to just using one or two types of learning, so mixing it up helps layer on information in a different way and allows for repetition too.

Our revision mastery series does exactly this by including tasks for all types of learnings, with cheat sheet questions, video, and audio to complement your existing reading.

Revision Tip 2: Structure Time To Revise

No matter how much time you feel you have (or don’t have) in a day, it is important to structure in your revision time regularly on the lead up to your exam.

The sooner you can start this, the more you will be able to maximize your long time memory skills and layer on all of your new knowledge.

Having a revision schedule set out at the beginning of the week can really help you stay on track, which is why we include our Weekly Revision Planner as well as our 4 week and 8 week revision schedule, so you KNOW exactly what to learn and when leaving nothing to chance on exam day.

Revision Tip 3: Do Mock Questions

This is key for any type of exam you might be preparing for. Working through mock questions allows you to start with the end in mind. You are able to see exactly the style of questions you will be asked and fill in the gaps in your current knowledge.

Make sure you use Mock Questions that are relevant to the exam you will be sitting and then do them in test conditions. Check your answers thoroughly looking for trends on the areas that you didnt get correct.

Download Hundreds Free Mock questions here:


Fitness Exam Mock Questions free download

Which of these three tips will you implement straight away to pass your exam with 100 percent; leave a comment below

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