3 Revision Solutions If You Are Time Poor And Easily Distracted

3 Revision Solutions If You Are Time-Poor and Easily Distracted

3 Revision Solutions If You Are Time-Poor and Easily Distracted

Studying for an upcoming Fitness Exam is hard enough, but if you are time-poor and easily distracted, then revision can feel totally impossible.

On a recent coaching call with Lee, we discussed 3 revision solutions that will make revision possible even though he is time-poor and easily distracted.

Lee works full time and after a full day of work and by the time he has spent a little time with the family, he has very little time to study. He was working late, making along commute and tired by the time he got home.

One of two things typically happened, he would either look at the clock and decide he didn’t have enough time to even start revising. Or he would start revising with good intention but distracted by phone notifications, family popping in for a chat, kids screaming and friends calling for a chat.
Either way, his revision plan went out the window… and he never got closer to completing his revision plan, or even learning the information.

Lee booked in for a one-to-one support call to get help and focus on his revision.

We discussed how even a small chunk of revision (As little is 10mins) can be a really valuable addition to a revision plan.

I also gave Lee three Revision solutions to help overcome being time poor and easily distracted. and I’m going to share those with you now…

Watch the video below to jump in on the support call I had with Lee:

Revision Solution 1: Use Dead Time

This is key especially if you are time-poor and keep making Revision a secondary priority. Download your video modules to MP3 and put them on your phone. You can then listen to these whilst on a commute to work, walking the dog, washing up or even at the gym.

This means that Lee doesn’t need to rely on only having 30mins of revision time of an evening. Instead, he can learn for an hour too and from work… which can instantly triple the amount revision time he is doing.

Repetition is key and audio downloads allow you to this really easily

Inside our Premium Level 3 Revision Bundle, you have everything you need to vary the mode of your learning and revision:

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Revision Solution 2: Remove Distractions

The first thing to help your concentration during any revision session is to turn of your phone notifications so you are not distracted by messages, group chats or phone calls. better still, turn off your WiFi and put it on airplane mode.

You can also set a REALLY long password to access your social media or unlock your phone – this will help reduce the number of times you want to unlock it. And it will also highlight how many times you are unlocking your phone in each session.

Revision Solution 3: Create a Schedule

Create a revision schedule for the week ahead and make it a BEST CASE SCENARIO that is also achievable. You may not feel it will be 100% possible especially when work hours and traffic jams are out of your control. However, it will help you stay focused on what you should complete that week and provides a solid framework.

What gets diarised, gets done.

Inside our Revision Mastery Bootcamps and the Premium Bundle, you can download a Free Weekly Revision Planner to Make sure your studies are on track and to help hold you accountable.

If you are as busy as Lee, or struggle with concentration and are easily distracted, then use these three revision solutions

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