3 reasons why meditation

3 Reasons why meditation will change your life

3 Reasons why meditation will change your life

I lived in such a frantic and chaotic world.  Being pulled in so many directions but ultimately being a slave to my business, leaving me too stressed to sleep and function at my 100%.  I tried many things to help, making the shift to finally make piece in this frantic world was found in one simple daily task: Here’s how I did it.

3 Reasons why meditation will change your life without demanding hours from your busy schedule.

Reason 1: Stop Judging and Criticizing Yourself and Others

When I first got introduced to mediating I thought it was some ‘far out hypie’ thing that wouldn’t work for me, how wrong I was.

I thought you had to sit crossed legged, fingers in an OK position or had to live in a cave and sit peacefully… How How wrong I was again!

In fact it is this judgement and criticism that stopped me from trying mediation for years.  I soon realised that through mediation my daily judgments and criticism of myself and others pretty much stopped straight away.

Reason 2: Stop White noise and Inner Mind Chatter

In turn, so did the constant white noise and little voice in my head that constantly asked the most ridiculous questions.  There’s my second reason, how meditating can change your life…

It helped me to relax and reduce the continual white noise of my chattering mind.

When I started meditating, my goal was to have at least a few minutes of peace each day from the repetitive loop of thoughts that always seemed to keep me in a perpetually wound-up state. Thoughts that lead me to feel angry and overwhelmed. Thoughts that just seemed never ending.

While I certainly achieved a few moments of respite, in time, these few moments of peace were transformational for my life in ways I never would have imagined.

I started with a basic 4 minute meditation focusing on the breath, this turned into an 8 minute body scan meditation and now I don’t hesitate to mediate two maybe three times a day… up to 30 minutes a time.

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Reason 3: It Actually Gives You Time

At first, I was really nervous! My day was already jam packed… as I constantly find ways to push Parallel to the next level.  How on earth will I find time to mediate?

I found it so hard to justify, sitting still and what I thought was doing nothing.  How wrong could I be!

I couldn’t believe how hard my first few meditations were… trying hard to find a peaceful place and searching for some kind of outcome.

“It’s not working”, I kept saying to myself… lol

I focused on the breathe and my mind just happily wondered off.  I would force my focus back to the breathe and within minutes, my mind was back thinking about something completely different.

It was then I realised, that every time I found myself wondering off in my thoughts, and pulling myself back… this was meditating.

So when I was back at my desk and pushing hard in Parallel it was so much easier to see my thoughts wonder off and see myself getting easily distracted.  I could easily pull myself back on track and back on task.

So these short bouts of meditating, although took up time, they actually saved me time…

They stopped me from wasting time during the day and allowing my thoughts and actions to just wonder of whenever they liked.

You could say… recognising being out of control, placed me well and truly back in control.

A Sneaky Fourth Reason: It Makes You Productive

Meditation will help you relax, but it will do so much more than that. Meditation will change your life.

So if you’re currently living in a frantic world like I was, maybe you are juggling a million and one things, work is taking priority, the gym is being squeezed in, studying and family life is falling by the wayside.

Clocking 12 hours at the office every day, responding to emails from home at all hours of the night, and fighting off the million to-dos running through your head to catch a few precious hours of sleep.

You may think to yourself: “I need a little more balance here”

Stressful periods are inevitable; they will suddenly come and go! That’s life.

While we can manage them in the short term, if you don’t take steps to keep the stress under control, it can lead to fatigue and burnout… and lots more white noise!

And this is how meditating daily can change your life… you never reach burnout, you don’t get fatigued and your stay super centered on your thoughts, decision and actions.

Speak soon

Neale “The Meditator” Bergman


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