3 Lessons From Our Level 2 Fitness Instructor Course

3 Lessons From Our Level 2 Fitness Instructor Course

If you are thinking about enrolling on a Level 2 Fitness Instructor Course but feeling, anxious and unsure of what to expect;

then stay tuned

This weekend was full of learning.

We had 10 learners working towards their level 2 Fitness Instructor Qualification at our Milton Keynes Academy

and they ALL learned so much

I wanted to share 3 lessons from this weekend…

Lessons that you can apply whether you are a FitPro in training, or already qualified

3 Lessons From Our Level 2 Fitness Instructor Course


On the lead up to the course, I had phone calls with about half the group, each one FREAKING OUT about their upcoming level 2 Fitness Instructor Course

They were anxious,
They judged themselves
They questioned if they could do it
They assumed they weren’t good enough
They didn’t feel ready
AND they had made it much BIGGER and SCARIER than it was

😱All of this anxiety had built up over months before the course

But it all dissolved in an instant.

On our first coaching task the room was full of laughs and loud teaching points

And Elaine turned to me and said “Wow, I feel better now, I think i can actually do this”

Often in reality, the thing that seems super scary or impossible, often isn’t so bad when you get started 🙂


A Japanese Samurai Warrior doesn’t become a MASTER from studying, or planning or questioning.

They become a master from DOING
From hours of practice
Hundreds or repetitions
constantly doing, and evaluating and DOING AGAIN

💪The same applies as a FitPro

The more you practice, evaluate and repeat… the more of a master you become


When you first attend your course, it is easy to assume that you will only be learning from the TUTOR for that whole day/weekend

However, lessons come in all shapes and sizes,
and so do the teachers

👨‍🎓Often the biggest lessons come from someone else on your course with you, through:

  • a lunchtime chat
  • being taught by them on an exercise
  • teaching them an exercise
  • hearing their story
  • questioning each-other

This is one of the things i love most about our Level 2 Fitness Instructor Course, is that there isn’t just ONE (or two) Teachers…

everyone becomes the teacher. Meaning the opportunities to learn just expanded 10 fold

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There is just one more opportunity in 2020 to join us on our Level 2 Fitness Instructor Course

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