3 Anatomy Exam Revision Mistakes

3 Anatomy Exam Revision Mistakes

3 Anatomy Exam Revision MistakesAs you are reading this blog, I’m guessing you have accepted that your Anatomy Exam Revision is just not working! Here are the 3 most common Anatomy Exam Revision mistakes that are stopping aspiring fitpros from passing their exams first time!

3 Anatomy Exam Revision Mistakes

1. Cramming

If you think that intensive revision and last minute cramming is the source of success, then you need to step back and think again!

Even if you tell yourself you “learn better under pressure” the chances are that you don’t… If you really honestly think about it, are you doing the best you can, by leaving it to the last minute?

Research has proven that cutting back on sleep while studying for long periods of time results a lower chance of exam success!

And if you dont want to listen to researchers, then take a lesson from The Inbetweeners – no sleep, lots of caffeine drinks and last minute cramming is not a recipe for success!

2. Not learning

I guarantee – this is a game changer!

A surprising number of people hop straight to their anatomy exam revision, but don’t actually allow themselves to LEARN the content first.

Your course manual arrives… you set aside some time, brew up a cuppa, get the snacks ready, and open the book! saying to yourself “let’s do this revision stuff”… and then realise you dont know anything that the book is talking about, you get overwhelmed, tell yourself you cant do it and close the book…  sounds familiar?

But it is only REvision, if you are REvisiting something you already know! So you need to learn it first. Your actions and mindset will be very different, if you just take the time to learn the material first rather than diving straight into anatomy exam revision.

Using the terminology “learning” allows you to seek a method that suits your learning style, it allows you to make distinctions and link the stuff you already know, to the new stuff (meaning it actually sticks in your brain). it also stops you thinking about the EXAM, and makes you think about the process of understanding.

If you learn better via video, audio and with mock questions (rather than from a book) >> check out our Revision Mastery Series! It is a great anatomy exam revision tool, but most importantly it is a learning tool; where you will find everything you need to know to pass your fitness exam first time, in easy to understand terminology and easy to access videos!

3. Making it a chore

Let’s face it

I am yet to find a person that LOVES anatomy exam revision; and generally everyone says how much they hate it and how bad they are at exams, how boring revision is… sound familiar?

Well, if you want to pass your exams then you need to stop seeing anatomy exam revision as a chore!

The rule is, you can say anything about your upcoming exam, your revision, your lecturers, the syllabus

…. but not a single part of it can be negative

… even if everyone else is talking about it negatively.

Ditch the negative self talk, and only allow yourself to talk about (and think) about the positive parts of your anatomy exam revision. It know it sounds a bit hippy, but I promise it will help get your head in the right place and help you pass first time.

If you feel you need more than just positive talk, check out our revision mastery series, it will make anatomy exam revision more enjoyable and easier to understand >> Click Here For More <<

Which of these 3 common mistakes are you guilty of… leave a comment below!

Enjoy your revising – until next time




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