12 Common Problems New Fitpros Face

12 Common Problems New Fitpros Face Personal Trainer There are 12 Common Problems new FitPros face …

We have listed all 12 into the top 6 for PTs in Training and for Fit pros that are brand new to the industry…

And, we talk about how to overcome them, here…

[NOTE: Video’s a little pixelated as recorded in periscope]

Here are the Top 6 Common Problems New Fitpros Face In Training:

#1 Find Reading Tough
#2 Scheduling Time and leaving it to last minute.
#3 Listening to other people + their noise!
#4 Comparing to Others
#5 Over Complicating situations, thoughts and processes
#6 Not asking for Help


Here are the Top 6 Common Problems New Fitpros Face When starting out in the Industry:

#1 Belief! – In making the money! In themselves!
#2 Other people spawning Self Doubt
#3 Not Setting Goals – 3 month, 6 month and 12 month goals
#4 Starting with WHAT —> Here’s the Simon Sinek Video I mentioned….
#5 Doing it alone, not asking for help – Join our FB Group and ask for Help <<
#6 What to do? Self employed or in Club?

Have you hit any other problems that didn’t make the list… hit us a comment below

Problems are a problem in themselves…

I like to see every problem as an opportunity. For the same reason people do Sudoku’s, Jigsaws and go Climbing… there is a certain addiction to having “solved a problem”. To have created an opportunity from what felt like an obstacle, and rise victorious!

Notice most of these problems, come from our own heads rather than reality.
It’s not actually that reading is tough, or that it is complicated, it’s just that we perceive it that way. You see, as soon as you have recognised your in a “problem” you are already on the way to solving it.
So now we have given you the 12 common problems new fitpros face, you can tackle the problem head on, and see the opportunity in solving it.


I reckon the ONE BIG opportunity is reaching out, getting help and not doing it on your own.

Whatever stage of your journey, get a gang of like-minded people around you. People that will support you, keep you on the straight and narrow, and allow you to be you and follow your WHY.

The best place I know for this is our Student Zone – it really is amazingly open and supportive for all Fitpros

[NOTE: You dont even have to be a learner with us].
Join us in our FB Student Zone >> HERE <<

Until Next Time

Neale and Hayley “The Problem Busting” Bergman’s

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